Transform data

<h1 class="bold-36px">Turn raw data into business Insights <span class="_6d64e3"> with Boltic’s no-code transformations</span></h1>

Boltic allows users to transform raw data into useful business insights with its no-code as well as advance scripting transformations. Bring the best out of every data collected to uplift business goals

Why transform using Boltic?

<h1 class="bold-32px">Transform all the collected data to <span class="_6d64e3">achieve larger business goals- faster</span></h1>

Boltic allows its users to clean, aggregate, enrich and transform the queried data in the Bolt using no-code transformations. It also allows users to write advance scripts to yield results in a desired format

<h1 class="bold-24px"><span class="_6d64e3">Add multiple </span>transformations</h1>

Boltic allows users to easily add more than one transformation in one Bolt. This helps users to filter data on multiple level in the exact format as needed

Structure data easily

Format data at multiple level to protect final reports from null values, unexpected duplicates, incorrect indexing, etc.

Improved data quality

Validate data with multiple transformations to improve its quality and make it easily readable by both human and machine.

Customize data compatibility

Data used for multiple purposes may need to be transformed in different ways and different level with multiple transformations.

<h1 class="bold-24px"><span class="_6d64e3">Self-service data</span> exploration</h1>

Boltic's no-code transformations makes data more usable and clean. It increases the efficiency of analytic and business processes to enable better data-driven decision-making

No-code transformation

Boltic has a list of transformation which needs no coding to transform data. Simply drag and drop from available filters.

Zero dependencies

Business users can transform and explore data on their own without any dependency on developers for writing queries.

Saves countless time

Drag and drop transformations makes multi layered data cleansing easier and makes data analytics-ready in no time.

<h1 class="bold-24px"><span class="_6d64e3">Powerful script</span> engine</h1>

Transform the data by writing Python or JavaScripts with Boltic’s custom script engine. It helps users to transform various fields of data that cannot be formatted through no-code transformation

Pre-built script templates

Script templates helps users to write scripts by giving a context of meta information such as columns names, query parameter, etc.

Flexible scripting methods

Boltic's script engine has two scripting languages. Users have the flexibility to choose from the two languages- JavaScripts & Python.

Easy error handling

Boltic has easy debugging process and supports two error handling mechanism. Users can handle errors directly from UI with a few clicks.

Use cases

<h1 class="bold-32px">Transform to <span class="_6d64e3">succeed</span></h1>

Transform business data to get better insights and achieve goals faster. Structured data makes it easier to analyse data by both humans and computers

Format data for easy analytics
Send results in a correct format for creating analytics dashboards with easy to use Boltic’s Script Engine. Make analytics effective.
Track daily Jira tasks via emails
Create daily task tracker pipelines on Boltic to get details of tasks via emails. Select a project and filter out the tasks on basis of dates.
Merge columns with no-code
Merge two columns and send data to warehouse in the exact required format with the help of no-code transformation functions in Boltic.

Boltic has saved me countless hours of development work with the power of No-Code data operations and visual editor. I have used Boltic to connect data to Jira dashboards with the help of APIs. The feature that I use more often is Boltic’s Email as destination, it gives me so many options to format the way reports look when they are shared via Email”

Amit Jadav
Data Analyst
Fynd Platform

“Boltic helped us to activate location visibility across seller for internal team. We also made a daily requirement to run database queries automatically for scheduled interval of time. Slack Alert feature has also been very useful for our team, we used it to send messages to help us stay updated”

Nayan Lathiya
Product Manager
Open API

“Boltic is extremely user friendly that made it easier for me to add new integrations and manage existing ones. I can customise the payload when using REST API as destination to push data to multiple widgets in Geckoboard which is a best time saver. This functionality was challenging for us at first, but now it works seamlessly and makes our analytics effective”

Mayank Malviya
Product Analyst

“Our developers love Boltic because of its simple and flexible user interface. My team uses Boltic to make data ready for analytics with its powerful transformations and send it from BigQuery to any datasource. I have also connected my Slack workspace with Boltic to send automated daily reports to our team’s channel”

Piyush Ranjan
Technical Program Manager

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Do I need to write codes to transform my data?

Boltic has no-code as well as advance script engine that helps you transform data. The list of no-code transformation covers most of the formats but if still you cannot find the one required by you, use script engine

Which scripting languages can be used in script engine?

Boltic’s script engine supports JavaScript as well as Python. You can choose from these two languages to write advance transformation scripts

What is a script template?

Boltic has pre-built scripting templates which can support you by giving a framework to write your own script

How can I easily debug my scripts?

Boltic gives you an advance feature to easily debug scripting errors. Use script.log to add informational messages that help you debug easily

Can I add a timeout duration in my scripts?

To add the timeout duration, click the three vertical dots on the top right corner of script editor and choose a error handling mechanism