Collaborate over data

<h1 class="bold-36px">Empower teams to work together and <span class="_6d64e3">easily collaborate over data</span></h1>

Use Boltic for secure data collaboration within a specified workspace. Invite team members to come together and solve organisation wide problems faster over a secure data operation platform

Why collaborate on Boltic?

<h1 class="bold-32px">More eyes on a dataset can help <span class="_6d64e3">achieve business goals a little faster

Boltic is a suit of data operations platform that allows teams to collaborate over data at one place. Invite team members with different access level to work securely with Organisation’s valuable data and achieve business goals faster

<h1 class="bold-24px"><span class="_6d64e3">Invite & manage</span> new users</h1>

Boltic allow users to easily add new members to their workspace and manage user level access. Users can also easily share reports with team members, over Slack

Easy access control

Admins can easily control the user level access, assign roles and remove any user whenever needed.

One click invite

Invite team members over email to join the organization’s workspace with one click and specify their roles.

Workspace for all

Users with non-work emails can also create their own workspace by inviting users with specified email domains.

<h1 class="bold-24px"><span class="_6d64e3">Collaborate</span> on Slack</h1>

Boltic allows users to automate reports and share it with other team members over Slack channels as well as private messages to keep everyone updated

No-code collaboration

Slack is a pre-built app and requires no coding to connect with Boltic’s workspace. Share data with one click.

Add multiple workspace

Boltic allow users to connect as many Slack accounts as they like to their workplace and then choose the one they require.

Dynamic Slack messages

Boltic enables users to send dynamic messages meaning the message will alter automatically as soon as the data changes.

<h1 class="bold-24px"><span class="_6d64e3">Generate</span> shareable reports</h1>

Users can easily create and share reports with their teammates as well as customers to give daily updates. This helps to keep everyone on same page

Create shareable APIs

Easily extract auto generate shareable URLs to share reports with anyone directly from the browser.

Download files

Boltic has various files as destination which can allow users to download CSV, JSON or EXCEL files for sharing.

Share email reports

Use various pre-built email destination options in Boltic to send reports either in the form of attachments or directly in email body.

Use cases

<h1 class="bold-32px">Bring teams <span class="_6d64e3">together</span></h1>

Transform business data to get better insights and achieve goals faster. Structured data makes it easier to analyse data by both humans and computers

Automate Slack reports
Send Slack reports automatically to a channel or privately directly from Boltic. Share personalised reports and stay connected with team members to get things done.
Add team members to Boltic
Invite team members to a specific workspace by sending an email invitation directly from Boltic settings. Users can join using the same work email.
Send reports over emails
Share customized report on the basis of different vertical requirements and needs. Send report to multiple emails at once and automate it for particular intervals.

Boltic has saved me countless hours of development work with the power of No-Code data operations and visual editor. I have used Boltic to connect data to Jira dashboards with the help of APIs. The feature that I use more often is Boltic’s Email as destination, it gives me so many options to format the way reports look when they are shared via Email”

Amit Jadav
Data Analyst
Fynd Platform

“Boltic helped us to activate location visibility across seller for internal team. We also made a daily requirement to run database queries automatically for scheduled interval of time. Slack Alert feature has also been very useful for our team, we used it to send messages to help us stay updated”

Nayan Lathiya
Product Manager
Open API

“Boltic is extremely user friendly that made it easier for me to add new integrations and manage existing ones. I can customise the payload when using REST API as destination to push data to multiple widgets in Geckoboard which is a best time saver. This functionality was challenging for us at first, but now it works seamlessly and makes our analytics effective”

Mayank Malviya
Product Analyst

“Our developers love Boltic because of its simple and flexible user interface. My team uses Boltic to make data ready for analytics with its powerful transformations and send it from BigQuery to any datasource. I have also connected my Slack workspace with Boltic to send automated daily reports to our team’s channel”

Piyush Ranjan
Technical Program Manager

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Can I invite team members on their personal email id’s?

No, Boltic doesn’t allow users to join any Organization workspace with personal email id’s

Can I create a workspace in Boltic for non-work emails?

Yes, you can create a workspace in Boltic with personal email id’s and send invite to the list of specific email domains

How is security of my workspace assured by Boltic?

Boltic doesn’t allow users with non-domain email id to enter a workspace. If any user is part of a non-domain tenant he/she will be blocked

How can I share bolts with users in my tenant?

You can share bolt links over Slack or any other medium and they will be able to see details of the block by simply clicking on the link

Can I change users role after adding them to my workspace?

Yes, roles can be changed even after user is added to a workspace. Please note that only the Admins have the right to change users role