Centralize data

<h1 class="bold-36px">Effortlessly <span class="_6d64e3">centralize organization-wide data </span>from any source in minutes</h1>

Boltic supports 100+ pre-built data source as integration to help organizations bring their scattered business data at one place. Build advance ETL pipelines and send data to any warehouse exactly as required

Why integrate using Boltic?

<h1 class="bold-32px">Centralize data from any source and <span class="_6d64e3">create a single source of truth</span></h1>

Boltic allows its user to bring in data from any source and perform advance ETL on top of it. The list of pre-built integrations includes most of the databases, files, warehouses and more

<h1 class="bold-24px"><span class="_6d64e3">No-code</span> data integrations</h1>

The integrations in Boltic are pre-built and doesn’t require any code to connect data from a source to Boltic or any data warehouse

Time saving

The pre-built integrations can be connected with minimal configuration which takes less than a minute.

No dependencies

Anyone with the credentials can create the integrations without any help from a tech team or Boltic support.

Better accessibility

Boltic is cloud based platform which helps to access data from anywhere any device.

<h1 class="bold-24px"><span class="_6d64e3">Data warehouse</span> automation</h1>

Boltic helps user automate transformed data to any data warehouse with minimal efforts required to map schema and transfer data

Powerful warehouse

Automate the flow of data from a source to a choice of data warehouse and create an automated flow of organization data.

Custom schema mapper

Source and destination schema is automatically mapped in Boltic which can easily be unmapped and re-mapped if needed.

Improved collaboration

One source of data for entire organization removed chaos and improves cross team collaboration over data.

<h1 class="bold-24px"><span class="_6d64e3">Real-time</span> data flow</h1>

Boltic’s powerful scheduler makes it easier for users to get analytics-ready data on real-time in the desired destination

No-code custom schedules

Add custom schedules to refresh data at particular interval of time without writing any code or script.

No-delay in reports

With real-time data movement users doesn’t face any delay in daily report creation and data analytics.

Faster business decision

Real-time data movement accelerates business decisions on the basis of real time changes in market trends.

Use cases

<h1 class="bold-32px">Centralize <span class="_6d64e3"> to achieve more- everyday</span></h1>

Centralize organization wide data at one place. Integrate scattered data from multiple sources and bring it on one platform for everyone’s visibility

Move real-time data to warehouse
Schedule data movement from a source to destination. Choose a time interval to process data from integrated source to destination automatically.
Merge multiple Google sheets into one
Save time from the tedious task of copy pasting data from multiple sheets to one sheet by integrating the sheets together and adding automation to it.
Collaborate with team over data
Share reports and daily statistics over Slack channels to collaborate within teams and keep everyone aligned with organisational.

Boltic has saved me countless hours of development work with the power of No-Code data operations and visual editor. I have used Boltic to connect data to Jira dashboards with the help of APIs. The feature that I use more often is Boltic’s Email as destination, it gives me so many options to format the way reports look when they are shared via Email”

Amit Jadav
Data Analyst
Fynd Platform

“Boltic helped us to activate location visibility across seller for internal team. We also made a daily requirement to run database queries automatically for scheduled interval of time. Slack Alert feature has also been very useful for our team, we used it to send messages to help us stay updated”

Nayan Lathiya
Product Manager
Open API

“Boltic is extremely user friendly that made it easier for me to add new integrations and manage existing ones. I can customise the payload when using REST API as destination to push data to multiple widgets in Geckoboard which is a best time saver. This functionality was challenging for us at first, but now it works seamlessly and makes our analytics effective”

Mayank Malviya
Product Analyst

“Our developers love Boltic because of its simple and flexible user interface. My team uses Boltic to make data ready for analytics with its powerful transformations and send it from BigQuery to any datasource. I have also connected my Slack workspace with Boltic to send automated daily reports to our team’s channel”

Piyush Ranjan
Technical Program Manager

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Do I need to code to integrate my data source?

No. Boltic has a list of pre-built integrations which does not require any sort of coding. You can simply select source from the list of integrations and configure your data by entering the relevant informations

Does Boltic support integrating large dataset?

Boltic allows you to integrate using REST API which supports API pagination to make it easier for you to work with the large dataset. Pagination is a way to divide the large dataset into smaller chucks

Can I automate the process of fetching data after creating an Integration?

Yes. You can easily automate data flow in your integrated source by scheduling your integration for any particular time interval

Can I update MongoDb data automatically to my BigQuery data warehouse everyday?

Yes. Add MongoDb database as integration and connect the BQ dataset where data has to be updated. Add a Daily scheduler to the created Bolt to update data automatically everyday

Can I remove schedules from any integration without deleting the integration?

Yes. Edit the integration and go to scheduler and delete the particular schedule to remove it