Boltic Logo Evolution: Unraveling the Tale Behind our Logo

Let's vibe with our Logo!

Hello everyone!

It must have been little surprise that we changed our logo and brand guidelines even before we had launched Boltic publicly. Some might have found changing brand guidelines and the Logo at this stage futile, whereas some might find it funny. But we had genuine reasons why we did it!🥺

Not that we were not happy with our earlier Logo; in fact, being the first Logo designed by a non-designer member of our team, we were quite sentimentally attached to it, and we think it was a good-looking logo. But in life, you have to move on! 🤗

The earlier Logo had three dots at the start, and those three dots converge to one dot shown in 'C.' The idea was to depict data flowing in the system from various sources and getting transformed in Boltic at one place - one of the core features of Boltic that lets you connect to multiple data sources, transform it, and send it to different destinations.

So what was the need to change it? We felt that the earlier Logo:

  1. did not reflect our brand personality well
  2. showed one major aspect of the product offering but did not tell the entire larger story
  3. did not depict speed, agility, and ease

We went through a rigorous creative process to develop a new logo that resolves all the above problems for us. Following is one of the screenshots of the brainstorming that we did:

We thought of the objects, animals, benefits, and values we associate with Boltic. The primary keywords that came out of the brainstorming were:

Benefits - Time-saving, Improved Efficiency

Objects - Bolt, Rocket

Animals - Dolphin, Owl

Verbs - Ease, Speed, Wise

Our creative team then went back to the drawing board and created the following options:

We finalized logo #5.

The Bolt resonates speed and power, which is communicated in design with sharp edges pointing outwards. Converting that into softer edges and flowy curves sounds ease, flow, adaptability, and Zen. This is the essence of our product: to bring and convert the hard job of Big data operations into a simple, easy, and effortless interface and experience. Hope you enjoyed reading the backstory of our new logo and brand guidelines.

You can solve your big data operations use-cases like creating ETL pipelines, cataloging, data harmonisation, creating APIs, and many more without writing a single line of code.

Try Boltic now and let us know if our Logo justifies the product.


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